Blessed Be

Filmmaker Maxim Lambers is doing his exams at the AKV|St.Joost this year. He is making a short film about a the ‘Wikster van het Wad’ a modern day witch who lives in the far north of Holland, close to the wadden sea.

Maxim: ‘My  goal is not to convey knowledge about witchcraft with this film, because my knowledge in this area is too limited for that. Instead, with this film I want to try to give my audience an understanding of themselves in the world. I want to bring that about by having them look at themselves through another, because I believe that you learn the most about yourself by looking at the other. With the camera and my sound recorder in my hand, I let myself be carried away in the customs and rituals of modern witchcraft. I try to look for the magic until it doesn’t seem to matter anymore whether it is real or imagination.’

Making film is expensive, you can support Maxim and his team here: Cinecrowd / Blessed Be