Gispen homework

Studio Aandacht has been making productions for Gispen on location for a few years. With a truckload of new products from Gispen and a bus full of styling studio Aandacht creates living spaces that inspire.
Photography ; Ben Lambers.

SA-HuisWerk-28 SA-HuisWerk-26  SA-HuisWerk-13 SA-HuisWerk-17SA-HuisWerk-8 SA-HuisWerk-3 SA-HuisWerk-1 huiswerk-apr-12-36 huiswerk-apr-12-24 SA-Gispen-6a SA-Gispen-set-2a SA-Gispen-4h SA-Gispen-3j SA-Gispen-3b SA-Gispen-3a.