New home

We’re leaving Amsterdam and move (back) to Oostknollendam this summer, 20 car minutes to the north. Oostknollendam is the place where Studio Aandacht was born. We left in 2002 after living there for 5 years. Now, we got ourselves a piece of land with a farm, sheep, chicken and ecolodge on it. We keep the studio in Rotterdam, where we work for 3 days a week. Studio Aandacht makes communication content for brands, museums and magazines. We work with aspiring designers as wel as multinationals. We position ourselves with one foot in the commercial and one foot in the cultural world.

The address in Oostknollendam;
Dorpstraat 90
1534 NM Oostknollendam

The address in Rotterdam;
Baden Powellaan 16
3016 GJ Rotterdam